My Problem With Games Today

In a world where we either have a lot of time and no money or a lot of money and no time it’s hard to keep up with the release schedule of video games today. A few years ago,  every few months or so an amazing game title would be released.  You could do a single play through the campaign and maybe a second play through on a harder difficulty if you absolutely loved it.
However, It’s a whole different story now. With games spawning multiple sequels, every game featuring multiple modes, multiplayer modes, lets not forget the magnitude of MMOs that exist today that are actually decent, and as well as all the free to play PC games that are worth a look - how am I supposed to have enough free time to play all of these games? I have a job but I hardly go out. I’m an avid World of Warcraft player and I also have both a play station 3 and an Xbox 360. Finding the time to play all the games I would like to on a daily basis is a challenge.  With all the currently released games and upcoming new and exciting titles - I honestly cannot find the time to play all of them, even the games I currently own.

Major title releases need to be a little less frequent and more spread out, or I just need to learn how to not sleep.